About JumpStart

SRJC developed the JumpStart Early College Preparation Program to help new students complete the matriculation process at the same timetable as 4-year bound students. The idea for the JumpStart Program was initiated at Casa Grande High School (CGHS) and was piloted for the first time there. SRJC-bound students were sidelined during the college application season and CGHS advocated for SRJC to open a Fall application, a year in advance to mirror 4-year institutions. SRJC found that this was also an opportunity to provide prospective students with real information about college readiness through our Math & English Placement process. The next natural step was to orient these students to the college experience through our Introduction to College class, Counseling 270 (COUN 270). This allowed access to a college counselor and the opportunity to create an initial education plan, before high school graduation. Starting with just one school in 2013, the program has grown to over 300 students from five schools in South Sonoma and Marin Counties. Now JumpStart is recognized as a Student Success Program designed for High School Seniors with high retention rates.

Program Benefits

Research shows that students who complete this early college preparation process (Orientation, Assessment, and Education Plan) are more successful in achieving their educational and career goals. In addition, completing these steps will provide students with priority registration and prepare them for their first official semester at SRJC. Students will also become familiar with SRJC programs, services, and resources to help them be successful at and beyond SRJC. 

High schools are responsible for recruiting high school seniors who are interested in attending SRJC as a high school graduate for entry the following Fall semester. Working closely with SRJC programs, these students will: 

  • Complete an SRJC online application
  • Check and Understand your placement 
  • Complete an Introduction to College (Counseling 270) course as a high school student in the Spring semester. In this orientation class, students will develop an educational plan with an SRJC academic counselor. 
  • Complete a Financial Aid Application (FAFSA or Dream Act)
  • Learn about SRJC Learning Communities, Programs & Services 
  • Earn Priority Registration for Summer & Fall Enrollment

Program Materials/Handouts:

JumpStart Flyer

JumpStart Flyer PDF handout