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SRJC Petaluma's JumpStart Early College Preparation Program was developed in an effort to help students complete the college on-boarding process earlier, and simutaneously with other high school students applying to four year universities. The JumpStart Program was created through a collaboration between our local high school partners and our Outreach team. Our high schools discovered that their SRJC-bound students were sidelined during the college application season and advocated for SRJC to open our Fall application, a year in advance to mirror 4-year institutions. SRJC found that this was also an opportunity to provide prospective students with real information about college readiness through our Math & English Placement process. The next natural step was to orient these students to the college experience through our Counseling 270, Introduction to College class. This allowed access to a college counselor and the opportunity to create an initial education plan, before high school graduation.  Starting with just one school in 2013, the program has grown to over 300 students from five schools in South Sonoma  and Marin Counties.