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JumpStart Introduction Meeting

High School Staff & Administration,
SRJC staff are available to introduce the JumpStart program and answer any questions, address any concerns, and determine how the JumpStart program can benefit your students.

Planning and Scheduling Meeting

The High School Team and the SRJC Team create a timeline of events and determine what services will be offered including dates and times.

Parent Informational Presentations (English & Spanish)

SRJC Counselor presentations designed for students and their parents. This presentation provides an overview of SRJC and the benefits of the JumpStart Program.

Student Kick-Off Sessions (usually happens during Lunch)

The Jumpstart program is presented to graduating seniors, including the benefits of the program (including Orientation & Priority Registration).

SRJC Application Workshops

Application workshops assist students through the online application process. These workshops can take up to 90 minutes.

Financial Aid Workshops

The SRJC Financial Aid Office partners with 10,000 Degrees to host a Cash to College Workshop in which students and their parents complete their Financial Aid Application online.

Counseling 270 class

Counseling 270 is a .5 unit class that serves as an orientation to college. The class consists of 9 hours of instruction, and students will have the chance to meet with an SRJC counselor to create an educational plan. Students who complete COUN 270 are granted Priority 3 registration.

Monthly Informational Sessions (10 to 15-minute presentations)

SRJC staff will provide a monthly presentation at your school.

Presentations Topics include:

Registration Workshops

SRJC Staff will come to your school and assist seniors with class registration for Summer & Fall.

JumpStart Wrap up & Celebrations

SRJC will provide certificates for students who successfully completed the JumpStart program. We also bring SRJC “swag” and distribute and collect evaluation/feedback forms for the JumpStart program.

Program Debrief Meeting

High School Implementation Team & SRJC Staff discuss what worked and what didn’t work, preparing for programming the following Fall.

Additional Services/Application Workshops available to your high school:

  • For Dual Enrollment students or Seniors not participating in JumpStart
  • Monthly Tabling at Lunch Time & Bulletin Board Updates
  • Dual Enrollment Presentations
  • Career Education Presentations
  • Additional Parent Presentations
  • Other presentations may be available upon request.

For more information, please contact your high school outreach liaison.