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The JumpStart Program is an opportunity for your student to complete the Steps to Success and prepare for their first semester at SRJC before they even graduate from high school.

With support from our local high schools, SRJC Petaluma will start recruiting seniors to participate in our early college preparation program in the fall semester of your student’s senior year.  Keep your eyes out for details and encourage your students to participate in all of our activities.

Students will be required to:

  • Complete an SRJC online application 
  • Complete a High School Dual Enrollment Request Form
  • Complete a Financial Aid Application, even if they think they will not qualify, it’s worth trying Note: Scholarships are now also embedded into FAFSA 
  • Attend an Introduction to College class (COUN 270) at the SRJC campus during the spring semester (approx. $25) (9 hours total, usually split up over 2 – 3 days)
  • Attend an Enrollment Workshop to register for Summer/Fall classes during the spring semester
  • Attend an end-of-the-year celebration!

We will walk your student through each step of this process! We understand that applying to college can be confusing and we are here to help your student get a JumpStart on their college career! As a parent, you are welcome to attend a Parent Information Night, which is usually held in September or October. Parents are also encouraged to attend a Cash for College Workshop for assistance with their Financial Aid Application. See the school schedule for these events. 

If you and your student decide to take part in JumpStart, you will need to sign the Dual Enrollment Request Form (unless your student is 18 years or older).

For more information, please contact your student's high school counselor.